the Violet
E H Visiak

Born Edward Harold Physick, but writing under the semi-pseudonym E H Visiak from 1910 onwards, Visiak (1878—1972) was a poet, novelist and literary critic (in particular, of Milton). He knew David Lindsay for at least two decades, and presumably, living in Hove for most of his life, was something of a neighbour.

He first came into contact with Lindsay's work through the Daily News serialisation of The Haunted Woman, which lead inevitably to A Voyage to Arcturus, after which Visiak wrote to Lindsay, prompting Lindsay to pay him a visit.

Visiak's weird novel, Medusa, A Story of Mystery, (originally published 1929), was included alongside A Voyage to Arcturus in Gollancz's Connoisseur's Library of Strange Fiction series in 1947.

See my review of Anthony Harrison-Barbet's E H Visiak: Writer and Mystic for more on this writer.

You can also read a short article Visiak wrote for the Third Programme adaptation of A Voyage to Arcturus here.

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