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The Adventures of Monsieur de Mailly

This review is from The New York Times, 12th June 1927, for the release of the US edition of de Mailly, A Blade for Sale:

A French Adventurer

A pleasant bit of Summer reading is assured in “A Blade for Sale”, which portrays the daring adventures of Gaston de Mailly, a soldier of fortune. Mr. Lindsay has liberally treated the plot with humor, mystery, romance and action, a combination that will prove popular with readers of varied tastes.

The story occurs in France under the reign of Louis XIV at the dawn of the eighteenth century. French plotics during that era occupy an important part in the plot. Peers of France and rogues meet on the same level in a series of odd events. By the clash of blades and a brilliant display of courage M. de Mailly comes through many obstacles as the unscathed victor. De Mailly, outwardly a gentleman and a hero of six great battles, earns the worst record of any man of his station in France. He is accused of being a drunkard, profligate and incendiary. Without means of his own, he is said to live on the parasites of others by persuading them to unlawful enterprises. Working hand-in-glove with a lawyer of dubious repute, he manages to get on the trail of cases that cannot be handled civilly. Whether the cases work out to his plans or not, they always manage to be profitable. In the course of his career he stumbles over various political secrets that earn him handsome sums of money as well as protection. Finally, he is assured of an army commission, a promising romance and added riches.