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Arno Press's Lost Race and Adult Fantasy Fiction series

This is the list of Arno Press's Lost Race and Adult Fantasy Fiction, reproduced from the back of the Ayer Press edition of Devil's Tor. The series, described as "An Arno Press Collection", seems to be made up of reprints, except for one new translation, four anthologies, a revised edition of a bibliography, and four omnibus 2-in-1 volumes. Below I list the year of original publication, not the year in which Arno Press published the books.

The Bladed Barrier (1929) by Joseph Bushnell Ames
The Treasure Vault of Atlantis (1925) by Olof W Anderson
Lepidus the Centurion (1901) by Edwin Lester Arnold
The Devil-Tree of El Dorado (1897) by Frank Aubrey
King of the Dead: A Weird Romance (1903) by Frank Aubrey
Thyra: A Romance of the Polar Pit (1901) by Robert Ames Bennet
The Heads of Cerberus (1952) by Francis Stevens
The Fruit Stoners (1935) by Algernon Blackwood
The Xipehuz, and, The Death of the Earth (1888 & 1912) by J H Rosny, translated by George Edgar Slusser (1978)
Mukara (1930) by Muriel Bruce
Miss Carter and the Ifrit (1945) by Susan Alice Kerby
The Vampires of the Andes (1925) by Henry Carew
The Slayer of Souls (1920) by Robert Chambers
White Python: Adventure and Mystery in Tibet (1934) by Mark Channing
The Jingo (1912) by George Randolph Chester
The Light in the Sky (1929) by Herbert Clock and Eric Boetzel
When the Birds Fly South (1945) by A Stanton Coblentz
The Devil, Poor Devil! (1934) by Murray Constantine
Cast Away the Pole (1904) by William Wallace Cook
Revi-Lona: A Romance of Love in a Marvelous Land (c. 1890) by Frank Cowan
Bibliography of Adventure: Mundy, Burroughs, Rohmer, Haggard (1978) by Bradford M Day (revised edition)
Monk's Magic (1931) by Alexander de Comeau
The Last Man, Or, Omegarus and Syderia (1806) by Jean Baptiste François Xavier Cousin de Grainville (2 volumes in 1)
The Flower of Fate (1928) by J Allan Dunn
Styrbiorn the Strong (1926) by E R Eddison
The Prince of Gravas (1898) by Alfred C Fleckenstein
The Land of the Living Dead (1897) by Neal Fyne
Angel Island (1914) by Inez Haynes Gillmore
Adventures in Sakaeland Comprising Harilek and Wrexham's Romance (1923 & 1935) by Ganpat (2 volumes in 1)
Z R Wins (1924) by Fitzhugh Green
Daughter of the Sun (1921) by Quien Sabe
The Romance of Golden Star... (1897) by George Griffith
Humour & Fantasy (1931) by F Anstey
The Mahatma and the Hare (1911) by H Rider Haggard
Wisdom's Daughter (1923) by H Rider Haggard
Melusine or Devil Take Her! (1936) by Charlotte Haldane
The Princess Thora (1904) by Harris Burland
Among the Gnomes (1895) by Franz Hartmann
Daughter of the Dawn (1903) by William Reginald Hodder
Sapphires: Here and Otherwhere and Silver Nutmegs (1926 & 1927) by Vernon Knowles (2 volumes in 1)
Asleep in the Afternoon (1939) by E C Large
The Eye of Istar (1897) by William Le Queux
The Bride of the Sun (1915) by Gaston Leroux
Devil's Tor (1932) by David Lindsay
A Spell For Old Bones (1950) by Eric Linklater
Hearts of Three (1920) by Jack London
The Return of William Shakespeare (1929) by Hugh Kingsmill
The King of Kor; Or, She's Promise Kept (1903) by Sidney J Marshall
I Am Thinking of My Darling (1943) by Vincent McHugh
Dreamers of Dreams: An Anthology of Fantasy (1978) edited by Douglas Menville and R Reginald
Worlds of Never: Three Fantastic Novels (1978) edited by Douglas Menville and R Reginald
The Fox Woman and Other Stories (1949) by A Merritt
Book of the Three Dragons (1930) by Kenneth Morris
Gobi or Shamo (1889) by G G A Murray
The Purple Sea (1930) by Frank Owen
Istar of Babylon (1902) by Margaret Horton Potter
King Solomon's Children: Some Parodies of H Rider Haggard (1978) edited by Douglas Menville and R Reginald
They: Three Parodies of H Rider Haggard's She (1978) edited by Douglas Menville and R Reginald
Hubert's Arthur (1935) by Prospero and Caliban (Frederick William Rolfe & Charles Harry Clinton Pirie-Gordon)
Beyond the Great South Wall (1901) by Frank Savile
The Last Lemurian (1898) by G Firth Scott
The Power of Ula (1906) by Miles Sheldon-Williams
Prince Hagen (1903) by Upton Sinclair
Kai Lung Beneath the Mulberry-Tree (1940) by Ernest Bramah
Over the Mountain (1939) by Ruthven Todd
Aia: Fields of Sleep and People of the Darkness (1925 & 1924) by E Charles Vivian (2 volumes in 1)
A King There Was — (1926) by E Charles Vivian
The Wonderful Visit (1895) by H G Wells