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Gollancz reissue series lists

Gollancz have published several series of reissues of fantasy, imaginative or just plain strange fiction over the years, including both A Voyage to Arcturus and The Haunted Woman. Here are lists of the series which include Lindsay’s books.

Connoisseur’s Library of Strange Fiction

This series of hardback reissues were brought out in 1947:

#1 — A Voyage to Arcturus by David Lindsay
#2 — The Haunted Woman by David Lindsay
#3 — Medusa by E H Visiak
#4 — The Place of the Lion by Charles Williams
Rare Works of Imaginative Fiction
Rare Works of Imagainative Fiction, a series of reissues

The blurb on the dustcover explained the aim of this hardback reissue series:

The word “rare”, it should be explained, means that the books, long since out of print and eagerly sought after, have been practically unobtainable: as to “imaginative fiction” — well, perhaps “fantastica” (as the Times Literary Supplement headlined its review of the first three) would have been juster, but we were anxious to avoid any suggestion that the books in question were “fantasies”. Anyhow, everyone likely to be interested in the series knew exactly what was intended.

— from the dust jacket of The Haunted Woman Gollancz reissue 1964

The first five volumes of this series were brought out, in two batches, in 1963 (the first three being bound in red, all later volumes in blue), while the final three came out in 1964:

#1 — The Purple Cloud by M P Shiel
#2 — A Voyage to Arcturus by David Lindsay
#3 — Medusa by E H Visiak
#4 — Wylder’s Hand by J Sheridan Le Fanu
#6 — The Lord of the Sea by M P Shiel
#7 — The Haunted Woman by David Lindsay
#8 — The Isle of Lies by M P Shiel
#9 — The Ghost Ship and Other Stories by Richard Middleton

Number 5 in the series, although included on the series list page facing the title page of volumes #4 and #6 (it was The Greater Trumps by Charles Williams), was never released, and was not included in the series lists of the 1964 volumes. (Thanks to Paul Annis for this information.)

The Gollancz Fantasy Collection
Gollancz Fantasy & Macabre spine logo

The 1978 reissue of A Voyage to Arcturus was part of the Gollancz Fantasy Collection, an unnumbered series that included reissues, original novels, short story collections and anthologies. There was not the exact uniformity of look as with the yellow covers of the Rare Works of Imaginative Fiction series. Many of the reissues had metallic-coloured covers, others were bound in black, and dust-jacketed in black with yellow lettering & design. The books sported a Medusa’s head logo, either in the “elongated” version (as pictured to the right), with the words Gollancz Fantasy & Macabre underneath, or a more rounded logo with the words Gollancz Fantasy or (as in the case of Philip Pullman’s Galatea) merely Gollancz underneath it.

Here is a list of the works in this series, along with the dates when they were issued. Those marked with a † had Gollancz Fantasy & Macabre on their covers, as opposed to Gollancz Fantasy:

Waves of Terror: Weird Stories about the Sea edited by Michel Parry (18 November 1976)†
The Haunter of the Dark and Other Tales of Horror by H P Lovecraft (1977)†
The Shadow Out of Time and Other Tales of Horror by H P Lovecraft & August Derleth (Nov 1977)†
Earthsea by Ursula K LeGuin (10 March 1977)
The Passion of New Eve by Angela Carter (24 March 1977)†
Frights: New Stories of Suspense and Supernatural Terror edited by Kirby McCauley (21 April 1977)†
Tales of Love and Death by Robert Aickman (1 June 1977)†
Sacred Families: Three Novellas by José Donoso, translated by Andreé Conrad (9 February 1978)†
Mrs Gaskell’s Tales of Mystery and Horror edited by Michael Ashley (June 1978)†
The Bad Sister by Emma Tennant (20 July 1978)
Shilling Shockers: Stories of Terror from the Gothic Bluebooks edited by Peter Haining (17 August 1978)†
The Vampyre: Lord Ruthven to Count Dracula edited by Christopher Frayling (August 1978)†
The Book of Skulls by Robert Silverberg (14 September 1978)†
Galatea by Philip Pullman (12 October 1978)
The Purple Cloud by M P Shiel (9 November 1978)
A Voyage to Arcturus by David Lindsay (1978)
The Flute-Player by D M Thomas (1 January 1979)
The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories by Angela Carter (24 May 1979)
On Wings of Song by Thomas M Disch (June 1979)
The Young Men Are Coming by M P Shiel (19 July 1979)
Birthstone: A Novel by D M Thomas (Jan 1980)
The Gardens of Delight by Ian Watson (3 July 1980)
The Gaston Leroux Bedside Companion: Weird Stories by the Author of The Phantom of the Opera edited by Peter Haining (17 July 1980)
Intrusions: Strange Tales by Robert Aickman (14 August 1980)
Threshold by Ursula K Le Guin (23 October 1980)

Thanks again to Paul Annis for this info.

Fantasy Masterworks

This series of paperback reissues was begun in 2000, and numbers 50 volumes as of 2007. A full list of titles can be found on the SF Site.