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Adaptations and works inspired by A Voyage to Arcturus

In the list below I haven’t included novels inspired by A Voyage to Arcturus, book cover artwork (which can be seen at the Arcturus gallery), or illustrations published as part of Lindsay’s novel (see the Heyne edition illustrations pages).

Vakula’s 2015 album
William Holloway’s 1971 film
Ron Thomas’s 2001 album
Adaptations & inspired by
? art An unpublished illustration to chapter IX, by Hugh Deane. 1920s/30s?
1956 radio The BBC Third Programme radio adaptation.
1970 theatre A presentation of A Voyage to Arcturus took place at Theatre Genesis, St Mark's Church In-the-Bouwerie, New York, by the Magic Theatre, on March 4th to 8th. An advert said it was "Starring: Everyone". For info, see Douglas A. Anderson's post on A Shiver at the Archives.
1971 film William Holloway’s full-length film adaptation.
1975 art Joel Fletcher’s painting, “Over the Mountains of Ifdawn”.
1980 music French instrumental prog-rock band Neo have a track called “Joiwind” on their only album, Neo. A 30-second sample can be heard at
1982 music Voyage to Arcturus instrumental by Rod Wallace, seemingly for a film soundtrack. Released as a picture disc, catalogue number PPC 126. Some more info here.
1983 opera Arcturus, an opera by Paul Corfield Godfrey, with libretto by Richard Clive Rose. It was first performed by the New Celtic Opera at the Sherman Theatre Cardiff on July 15th. See this page for information, including the full libretto and an audio sample. See also that site’s home page for an interview with Godfrey, in which he says he was not happy with the production.
Jennifer Rhys-Davies as Tydomin, and Huw Morgan as Maskull, in the premiere of Paul Corfield Godfrey’s 1983 opera, Arcturus
1984 opera John Ogdon’s unfinished opera based on A Voyage to Arcturus.
1985 music The Interplanetary Voyage to Arcturus and Other Compositions by pianist Paul Warner is a live recording, issued on cassette, whose second side is made up entirely of a 21-minute piece, The Interplanetary Voyage to Arcturus.
  theatre The Odyssey Theatre Ensemble put on a three-hour adaptation of A Voyage to Arcturus. Adapted by David Wolpe, directed by Ron Sossi. You can read an LA Times review of the production here. Photographer Jan Deen’s site has a still from the production.
1990s music “A Voyage to Arcturus” by Kewpie Forest, created in the 1990s on a Roland SC-88 sound module, but not released till recently, on YouTube.
1996 music Henry Kaiser’s album The Seance.
  art Wayne Barlowe includes his illustration of a shrowk in his Barlowe’s Guide to Fantasy (a follow-up to his successful Barlowe’s Guide to Extraterrestrials).
2001 music Ron Thomas’s CD Scenes From A Voyage To Arcturus.
2006 music Tunnel Diner, an album by Steve Mackay and the Radon Ensemble, contains a track called “Voyage to Arcturus”. You can hear it on Bandcamp.
2009 audio Rafi Metz’s audio reading of Arcturus.
2010 music David Kanaga’s Scenes from Arcturus, four short electronic pieces of music.
  music Rafi Metz’s Arcturian Suite, including “Muspel Light” and “Joiwind’s Meditation”, which features music created for his 2009 audiobook of A Voyage to Arcturus
2011 audio Mark Nelson’s audiobook of Arcturus at LibriVox.
2012 music German electronic duo Tarwater released a track called Voyage to Arcturus for Record Store Day. Catalogue number BB107, Bureau B records.
  music Matterplay by David Power, included in his Six Electronic Pieces suite, from the Vestiges CD. Can be heard via Power’s Soundcloud page.
  music Voyage to Arcturus by German electronic artist Chris Zippel is one of the tracks on the compilation Ibiza Sundowner presented by José Padilla.
  music Dreamsinter Nightspore is a track on Mothlite’s 2012 album, Dark Age. Lyrics here.
2014 music Electronic/ambient album, Voyage to Arcturus: The Live Album by Andrulian, available from Bandcamp.
  art A Voyage to Arcturus, an “installation exploring the affinities between film, installation, language and sound” from Two Ruins (Steve Hollingsworth and Jim Colquhoun). Video here, at (11 minutes, 49 seconds).
2015 music A Voyage to Arcturus album by Vakula.
  music A Voyage To Arcturus/Out of the Silent Planet (via the Northside), album from Akashic Fish. (Can be heard at their Bandcamp page.)
  music E W Harris’s song ReEntry, on his album of the same name, is “based on the cult novel A Voyage to Arcturus”. Available at Bandcamp, where you can also read the lyrics.
  music “A Voyage to Arcturus” is a dark, ambient, instrumental track on Dead Dragon Mountain’s Collusion album, available at Bandcamp.
2016 music The album Black River Transect, a live concert from the Dennis Rea Tanabata Ensemble featuring both composed and improvised works, includes a 3 minute 21 second track, “Swaylone’s Isle”.
2017 music The album From The Furthest Signals, released by A Year in the Country, includes the track “The Séance/Search for Muspel-Light” by Circle/Temple. Release information here.
  music A Voyage to Arcturus album by Santiago Niño, on the psychedelic and ambient music label Mindspring Music. Available at
  music STARS, Suite 6 by New Age composer/keyboardist Paul Lloyd Warner, includes a 19-minute track entitled Voyage to Arcturus. This album is one of his six Mother Earth suites, which were recorded (in 1995, it seems) in a number of beauty spots in the US. This is the same Paul Warner whose 1985 piece for solo piano, The Interplanetary Voyage to Arcturus is listed above.
  music Auðr (GJ​-​541b — A Voyage to Arcturus) is a track from the M’AlgoRhythms EP by drummer, multi-instrumental composer, and lyricist Tyrone Steele.
2019 theatre Phil Moore’s musical adaptation had its first run in Sept & Oct at the Peninsula Theatre, Woy Woy, New South Wales. You can buy the original cast recording via Amazon, 7digital, and others, or listen to it via streaming services, such as Apple Music and Spotify.
2020 music “A Voyage to Arcturus” is an 11-minute track from The Gateless Gate’s July 2020 album, The Voiceless Voice. Available via Bandcamp.
  music “Voyage to Arcturus”, a 7 minute techno/house piece by mindatlarge, on YouTube.
  audio Rafi Metz’s 2009 audiobook of A Voyage to Arcturus, updated with illustrations, on YouTube.
2021 audio A Voyage to Arcturus, a song from Lou Toad’s album Gnarly Nonsense.
Paul Warner’s 1985 album
Maskull, the 1997 album from Maskull
Phil Moore’s 2019 musical