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On this page I attempt to provide a bibliography of all the books, articles and essays dealing significantly with David Lindsay and his work. I haven't included books or essays that merely mention him, or go through standard information (encyclopedia entries, for instance). Where possible, I've linked to online versions of the articles (look for the word link after the article details). If I've written a review, summary, or note on the article/book elsewhere on this site, you'll find a on-site review link after the entry.

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Articles & essays (print)
"The Latest Books" in Wairarapa Daily Times (Masterton, New Zealand) (vol. 46 no. 14276, 7 Dec 1920, p. 3) link
"Voyage to the Unknown" in Sunday Times (Sydney, NSW) (20 Mar 1921, p. 19) link
"A Letter on Books" in The Register (Adelaide, South Australia) (8th Jan 1921, p. 5) — under the subheading, A Book of Marvels, manages to give away the final page twist link
"Literary - The Haunted Woman" in The Aukland Star (Aukland, New Zealand) (3 Jun 1922, p. 23) link
"New Fiction (The Haunted Woman)" in The Nation & The Athenaeum (vol. 30 no. 25, 18 Mar, No. 4794 1922, p. 901) — Reviews of The Grey Room by Eden Phillpotts, The Haunted Woman by David Lindsay, The Awakening by Hugh and Edith Spender, and The Education of Alice by Elsa Fish. link
"The Reviewer - The Haunted Woman" in The Star (Christchurch, New Zealand) (1 Jun 1922, p. 4) link
"Books of the Day - The Haunted Woman" in The Dominion (Wellington, New Zealand) (19 Aug 1922, p. 16) link
"The Haunted Woman by David Lindsay" in Occult Review (London) (vol. 35, 1922) link
"Literature - Sphinx" in Otago Witness (Otago, New Zealand) (22 Jul 1924, p. 66) link
"Reviews for Readers - Sphinx" in The Feilding Star (Feilding, New Zealand) (16 Jul 1924, p. 6) — brief review link
"Other Novels" in The Spectator (9 Oct 1926, pp. 602-3) — short review: "Old Paris in the first years of the eighteenth century makes the background of the Adventures of Monsieur De Mailly by David Lindsay (Andrew Melrose. 7s. 6d. net). The book is full of excitement." link
"Some Recent Fiction" in The West Australian (Perth) (28th May 1932, p. 4) link
"Men Who Talk Like Gods" in Everyman (5 May 1932, p. 469) link
"Devil's Tor by David Lindsay" in Quarterly Transactions of the British College of Psychic Science (London) (vol. XI no. 3, Oct 1932, p. 250) link
"Fiction" in The Spectator (no. 5419, 7 May 1932, p. 678) — includes review of Devil's Tor link
"Shorter Notices - Devil's Tor" in The Press (Canterbury, New Zealand) (4 Nov 1933, p. 15) — short review link
"Fantasy: A Voyage to Arcturus" in The Press (Canterbury, New Zealand) (vol. 82 no. 25046, 30 Nov 1946, p. 6) link
"New Fiction" in The Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney, NSW) (23rd Nov 1946, p. 11) link
"Metaphysical Allegory: Life On Imaginary Planet" in The Argus (Melbourne, Victoria) (9th Nov 1946, p. 12) link
"Latest Fiction" in The Advertiser (Adelaide, South Australia) (4th Jan 1947, p. 4) link
"Today's Book Review: Unusual and Interesting" in The Telegraph (Brisbane, Queensland) (28th Feb 1947, p. 2) link
"Three Love Stories" in Country Life (London) (vol. CI no. 2617, 14 Mar 1947, p. 481) — reviews The Haunted Woman among others link
"A Strange Scottish Novel — David Lindsay's 'A Voyage to Arcturus'" in Scots Chronicle (Kilmarnock) (1951, pp. 22-27) link
"5 Star Shelf: A Voyage to Arcturus" in Galaxy Magazine (New York) (vol. 9 no. 3, December 1954, pp. 107-111) link
"A Voyage to Arcturus" in Radio Times (vol. 131 no. 1702, 22 June 1956, p. 4) — introduces the Third Programme adaptation of A Voyage to Arcturus link
"Some Worth-While Re-Issues" in The Press (Canterbury, New Zealand) (vol. 102 no. 30308, 7 Dec 1963, p. 3) link
"Purple Clouds" in The Bulletin (Sydney, Australia) (vol. 85 no. 4365, 12 Oct 1963, pp. 48-50) — also reviews M P Shiel's The Purple Cloud, and E H Visiak's Medusa link
"Weathered Neo-Gothick" in Punch (vol. 244 no. 6406, 19 Jun 1963, pp. 901-902) — reviews A Voyage to Arcturus, Medusa, and The Purple Cloud link
"The Work of David Lindsay" in Studies in Scottish Literature (vol. 1 no. 3, Jan 1964, pp. 171-182) linkon-site review
"TV's in Outer Space" in Transvestia (Los Angeles) (vol. I no. 32, Apr 1965, pp. 39-41) — article from a magazine for transvestites, quoting the childhood portion of Panawe's story, and describing it as "one of the most enlightened and beautiful presentations of the essence of the phenomenon that possesses us all". link
"A Voyage to Arcturus" in Amazing (vol. 42 no. 2, Jul 1968, pp. 119-120) — (William Atheling Jr is a pseudonym for James Blish) link
"A Voyage to Arcturus by David Lindsay" in Science Fiction Review (no. 31, June 1969, pp. 37-38) link
"A Voyage to Arcturus" in SF Commentary (vol. 7, Nov 1969, pp. 36-37) — first appeared in The Journal of Omphalistic Epistemology, July 1969 (another fanzine) link
"A Voyage to Arcturus, by David Lindsay" in The WSFA Journal (Washington D.C.) (no. 67, Jun-Jul 1969, p. 34) link
"A Voyage to Arcturus" in Luna Monthly (no. 5, Oct 1969, p. 32) link
"The Water of the Wondrous Isles by William Morris, A Voyage to Arcturus by David Lindsay" in ERG (Sheffield) (no. 40, Oct/Sep 1972, p. 15) link
"Voyage to Arcturus by David Lindsay" in Mallorn: The Journal of the Tolkien Society (no. 6, 1972, pp. 19-21) link
"J. B. Pick, Colin Wilson & E. H. Visiak. The Strange Genius of David Lindsay. An Appreciation (Review)" in Studies in Scottish Literature (vol. 10 no. 1, July 1972, pp. 59-61) link
""Purely as Entertainment"? Adventures of Monsieur de Mailly as a Representative Work of David Lindsay" in Studies in Scottish Literature (vol. 11 no. 4, 1973, pp. 226-236) link
"With Maskull on Arcturus" in The Cavalier Daily (Charlottesville, Virginia) (27 Jun 1973, p. 2) — long (mostly positive) review, which includes a cartoon in which "Mr Lindsay" (as a dragon) "makes notes for A Voyage to Arcturus". link
"David Lindsay and George MacDonald" in Studies in Scottish Literature (vol. 12 no. 2, Oct 1974, pp. 131-145) link
"Arcturus - A Provocative Experience" in California Aggie (University of California, Davis) (vol. 87 no. 32, 19 Feb 1975, p. 6) link
"The Haunted Woman" in Luna Monthly (no. 61, Jan 1976, p. 30) link
"The Violet Apple" in Vector (no. 89, Sep 1978, pp. 36-38) link
"The Violet Apple" in British Book News (London) (Oct 1978, p. 844) link
"The Structure of A Voyage to Arcturus" in Studies in Scottish Literature (vol. 15, 1980, pp. 262-267) link
"David Lindsay's The Haunted Woman" in Fantasy Commentator (New York) (vol. IV no. 3, Winter 1981, p. 159) link
"Nachrichten von Nirgendwo, part 1" in Science Fiction Times (Germany) (vol. 26 no. 1, Jan 1984, pp. 10-14) — Parts 2-4 followed in issues 2-4, (pages 12-15; 21-24; 25-28). Download links for these issues: issue 2, issue 3, issue 4. link
"David Lindsay: A Scottish Genius" in Scottish Book Collector (Edinburgh) (vol. 1 no. 1, August 1987, pp. 21-22) link
"Sphinx" in Kirkus Reviews (July 1988) link
"Arcturan Allegories" in Vector (no. 147, Dec/Jan 1989 1988, pp. 9-11) link
"An Introduction to R A Lafferty and East of Laughter" in Quantum Science Fiction & Fantasy Review (Gaithersburg, Maryland) (no. 36, Spring 1990, pp. 10-13) — although this essay is about R A Lafferty, Wolfe contrasts him at length with David Lindsay, and so this piece is a good record of what (positive and negative) Wolfe thought of Lindsay. link
"Encountering Darkness: The Black Platonism of David Lindsay" in Mythlore (no. 72, Spring 1993, pp. 24-33) link
"Wilder Shores of Longing" in Abraxas (no. 6, 1996, p. 7) link
"Dreamscapes of Arcturus" in Abraxas (no. 6, 1996, pp. 8-9) — review of David Lindsay's Vision by David Power link
"Living Out the Consequences" in Abraxas (no. 6, 1996, pp. 13-14) link
"In Praise of Devil's Tor" in Abraxas (no. 6, 1996, pp. 12-13) link
"David Lindsay et The Haunted Woman" in Etudes écossaises (Grenoble) (no. 7, 2001, pp. 75-82) link
"The alienness of atmosphere" in The Guardian (31 August 2002) link
"A Voyage to Arcturus" in Vector (no. 231, Oct/Sep 2003, pp. 25-26) link
"Foundation Favourites: A most peculiar Voyage" in Matrix (British Science Fiction Association) (vol. 180, Aug/Sep 2006, p. 26) link
"Curiosities: Devil's Tor by David Lindsay" in Fantasy & Science Fiction (March 2007) link
"A Century of Scottish Creative Writing: Three Essays" in Studies in Scottish Literature (vol. 35 no. 1, 2007, p. 218–257) — overview of Scottish fiction in the 20th century; includes Lindsay on p. 223-224. link
"Sham World, Sublime Light: Gnosticism in the Works of David Lindsay" in The Gnostic (no. 5, June 2011, pp. 160-165) link
"Literary Dependence in the Fiction of C.S. Lewis: Two Case Studies" in Mythlore (vol. 35 no. 1, Fall/Winter, #129; 2016, pp. 97-114) — enumerates 48 points of similarity between A Voyage to Arcturus and Lewis's Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra and The Dark Tower. Also looks at the influence of V A Thisted’s Letters from Hell on Lewis's work. link
"Harold Bloom: Anti-Inkling?" in Jewish Review of Books (no. 37, Spring 2019) — about the influence on Bloom's novel of A Voyage to Arcturus, and C S Lewis's Space Trilogy. link
"Surrealistic Advent in A Voyage To Arcturus" in Roots International Journal of Multidisciplinary Researches (Madurai, India) (vol. 7 no. 1, 2020, pp. 60-64) link
"Like a challenge? Here's a great one." in The Washington Post (18 Nov 2021, p. C4) link
"David Lindsay and the Shape of Inner Being" in Studies in Scottish Literature (vol. 47 no. 1, Oct 2021, pp. 122-135) link
"David Lindsay's The Violet Apple" in Mythlore (vol. 41 no. 1, Oct 2022, pp. 31-43) link
Articles & essays (online)
"Дэвид Линдсей - таинственный музыкант (послесловие к =Наваждению=)" in (2002) — Essay (in Russian) on David Lindsay and The Haunted Woman link
"A Voyage to Arcturus by David Lindsay" in SFSite (2002) link
"David Lindsay" in Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (2004) link
"Sacred Mysteries" in The Telegraph (12 Mar 2005) link
"Many Worlds: David Lindsay and alternate realities" in The Bottle Imp (no. 8, Nov 2010) link
""One Long Discomfort": The Legacy and Future of David Lindsay's "A Voyage to Arcturus"" in We Are The (9th May 2018) link
"The Spiritual Borders of Sci-Fi: C S Lewis and A Voyage to Arcturus" in An Unexpected Journal (vol. 3 no. 2, Summer 2020) link
"Returning to the Darkness: Following David Lindsay on A Voyage to Arcturus, 100 Years Later" in Christ and Pop (23 Sep 2020) link
"Bernard Sellin and David Lindsay" in Wormwoodiana (24 Nov 2021) link
"A Tale of Two Lindsays: In Search of Starkness Observatory" in Centre for Fantasy and the Fantastic Blog (Edinburgh) (19 Nov 2021) — looks into the possible link between Starkness Observatory from A Voyage to Arcturus and the real-life observatory tower created by James Ludovic Lindsay link
Talks & lectures
"Dreams, Spirits and Witches in the strange interwar fiction of David Lindsay", The Occult in Popular Fiction and Entertainments (University College Dublin), 25th Nov 2016 link
"A Voyage to Arcturus: A Celebration?", Celebrating the Centenary of David Lindsay's A Voyage to Arcturus (Centre for Fantasy and the Fantastic) (University of Glasgow), 2020 link
Dissertations & theses
"David Lindsay's A Voyage to Arcturus ; allegorical dream fantasy as a literary mode", University of British Columbia (Sep 1972) link
"'A Far Green Country': An Analysis Of The Presentation Of Nature In Works Of Early Mythopoeic Fantasy Fiction", University of St Andrews (2007) — The chapter on Lindsay, 'David Lindsay: The Nature of the Sublime' is on p. 94-153 link
"A vast shadow house: Critical and creative responses to David Lindsay’s vision", Edinburgh Napier University (2021) link
"David Lindsay's A Voyage to Arcturus: An Anti-Fantasy", Eastern Illinois University (2022) link


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