the Violet
A Voyage to Arcturus, Bison Press/University of Nebraska Press (2002)
A Voyage to Arcturus
by David Lindsay
Publisher: Bison Press/University of Nebraska Press, US
Binding: Paperback
Date of issue: April 2002
Cover: Designed by R W Boeche
Publisher’s series: Bison Frontiers of Imagination
ISBN: 0803280041
Page count: 272
Additional material: Introduction by John Clute; Afterword reprints Loren Eiseley's introduction to 1963 Macmillan edition
Edition notes: Calls itself a "Commemmorative Edition", but that misspelling is an indicator of bad things to come. The text to this edition is extremely poor, as a result of obviously being scanned in and the lazy use of OCR software... Read my review of it for more.