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Followup in Jewish Review of Books
1 July 2019

The letters page of the Summer 2019 issue of the Jewish Review of Books contains two letters in response to Michael Weingrad's article in the previous issue, on Harold Bloom's novel The Flight to Lucifer and its debt to David Lindsay and C S Lewis (as mentioned in a previous Violet Apple news item). There's also a reply to these letters from Weingrad himself.

One of the letters, I have to admit, is from me, as I was graciously invited to write in after the editor of the Review saw my comment in that previous Violet Apple news item about Lindsay's influence on Lewis, and how this complicated Weingrad's conclusion. Judging influence is never going to be an exact science, but considering the matter did also prompt me to add an article to this site on the ways in which Lindsay's A Voyage to Arcturus may have influenced Lewis's Space Trilogy.

A Voyage to Arcturus Musical Kickstarter
8 May 2019

Phil Moore has launched a Kickstarter to help fund the staging of the world premiere of his musical version of A Voyage to Arcturus. As explained at the project's Kickstarter page, this is intended to be a "proof of concept" production — "Not quite a full show, but more than a Workshop" — so that the musical can be pitched to producers anywhere in the world. (The premiere will take place at the Peninsula Theatre, Woy Woy, in New South Wales, Australia.)

The project's page includes more information, including a video in which Phil Moore talks about why he chose to adapt A Voyage to Arcturus, and the way he intends to evoke the variety of lands Maskull travels through on his journey.

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