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This section of the site collects footnotes and further information to the material covered in the rest of the site.

David Lindsay’s birthdate & place
Confirmation of Lindsay’s birth date and place, as it is confused in some sources.
David Lindsay’s family background
A look at the history of David Lindsay’s parents’ families.
David Lindsay’s chess game
The record of a chess game that Lindsay, then an enthusiast of the game, submitted to his local paper’s chess column.
Alexander Lindsay in the Midlands
A look at what David Lindsay’s brother got up to when he “dabbled in business” in the Midlands, leading to his bankruptcy.
Pembroke Crescent, Hove
Some pictures of the last house where David Lindsay lived.
Is David Lindsay a bad writer?
An answer to critics who disparage Lindsay’s writing style.
C S Lewis’s Space Trilogy and David Lindsay’s A Voyage to Arcturus
On the influence of A Voyage to Arcturus on C S Lewis’s Space Trilogy books.
George MacDonald’s influence on David Lindsay
Looking at MacDonald’s two adult fantasy novels, Phantastes and Lilith, and their influence on David Lindsay’s A Voyage to Arcturus.
Alexander Crawford
Some information on David Lindsay’s brother Alexander, who published several novels under the name Alexander Crawford.
J B Pick
On the writer & journalist who played a key role in the rediscovery of David Lindsay’s work.
L H Myers
The successful novelist, who was a friend of David Lindsay.
E H Visiak
The Milton scholar, writer, and friend of David Lindsay.
Robert Lynd
A writer who, as a Reader for Methuen, first recommended A Voyage to Arcturus for publication, and who serialised The Haunted Woman.
J C Trewin
A look at critic J C Trewin’s mentions of A Voyage to Arcturus in his theatre reviews.
E H Visiak: Writer and Mystic by Anthony Harrison-Barbet
Reviewing this in-depth study of E H Visiak’s various writings, published in 2007 by Pauper’s Press.
The Flight to Lucifer: A Gnostic Fantasy by Harold Bloom
A look at literary critic Harold Bloom’s one and only novel, from 1979, which is deeply indebted to A Voyage to Arcturus.
The Alias by Alexander Crawford
Review of this melodramatic novel of dodgy business shenanigans, written by David Lindsay’s older brother and published in 1913.
Philip Pullman on David Lindsay
Philip Pullman’s mention of David Lindsay on BBC Radio 4’s Open Book programme
Gollancz reissue series lists
A look at the various Gollancz reissue series that have included A Voyage to Arcturus.
Sidgwick & Jackson’s Science Fiction Special series
Listing the books included in Sidgwick & Jackson’s Science Fiction Special series, which included David Lindsay’s The Violet Apple.
Arno Press’s Lost Race and Adult Fantasy Fiction series
A list of the books included in Arno Press’s reprint series, which included David Lindsay’s Devil’s Tor.
Colin Wilson’s writings on David Lindsay
A comprehensive look at Wilson’s various writings on David Lindsay.
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