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Article about Lindsay in The Bottle Imp
7 November 2010
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The Fall 2010 issue of The Bottle Imp, an online magazine that "exists to promote and support the teaching and study of Scottish literature and language", features a brief article on David Lindsay, "Many Worlds: David Lindsay and alternative realities" by Stuart Kelly, placing Lindsay at the forefront of a tradition of parallel realities in Scottish fiction, which includes Alasdair Gray's Lanark, Iain Banks's The Bridge, and Andrew Crumey's Mobius Dick, among others.

There is a factual innacuracy or two (only one of Lindsay's parents was Scottish, the WWII bomb didn't fall on Lindsay's house, merely close enough to shatter a window), and saying the Lindsays had "a peripatetic existence" is something of a misrepresentation (they only lived in three houses while married, as far as I know), but it's good to find Lindsay's name being linked to contemporary authors such as Banks and Gray, and the article makes an interesting case for The Haunted Woman having a more "radical" vision than the far wilder Arcturus.

The Alasdair Gray story, referred to in the article, which mentions "Lyndsay's Voyage to Arcturus" can be read online.

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