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Lindsay (briefly) on the Coode Street Podcast
30 June 2013
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The Coode Street Podcast is SF anthologist Jonathan Strahan and SF critic Gary K Wolfe's weekly discussion of various topics relating to science fiction literature, and this week, in an episode mostly given over to remembering recently-passed writers including Jack Vance and Iain Banks, David Lindsay is spoke about briefly, twice. Wolfe (who wrote the 1982 Starmont Reader's Guide to David Lindsay) talks about Lindsay at 15:27 to 16:24, and 43:40 to 44:14, the latter during a discussion about "Writers who write one defining work and then have to have a career after that". Of Lindsay's last completed novel, Wolfe says: "Devil's Tor is the sort of thing that you could understand better had you read Graham Joyce before you go to it. Or had you read Arthur Machen." Episode 148 of The Coode Street Podcast can be found here.

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