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The Area 42 Podcast on A Voyage to Arcturus
5 June 2017
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The inaugural episode (Episode 0) of the Area 42 Podcast, in which "an atheist and a Christian discuss classic works of science fiction and fantasy", is about A Voyage to Arcturus. It's a nice in-depth discussion, running at about an hour and a half. It can be downloaded or listened to from iTunes or the Area 42 site.

A Voyage to Arcturus also gets a mention on episode 308 of the Coode Street Podcast. The episode features Gary K Wolfe, Jonathan Strahan, Paul Kincaid, and Ken Macleod talking about the works of Iain (M) Banks. Macleod mentions Arcturus when talking about Scottish fiction (from about the 23 minute mark, with Arcturus being mentioned at 27 minutes), after which Wolfe notes that all the writers he's spoken to who were influenced by Lindsay's novel seemed to feel they were the only people to have read it. The podcast can be downloaded or listened to on iTunes or Podbean.

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