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Phillip Pullman at the BHA Conference 2011
29 June 2011
The POD Delusion

Phillip Pullman mentions David Lindsay's A Voyage to Arcturus as the only fantasy novel he likes in this interview conducted by Andrew Copson as part of the British Humanist Association's 2011 Conference, prior to Pullman being presented with an award for services to Humanism. The interview is available as a podcast by the POD Delusion, here.

It's nice, of course, to have Lindsay's work promoted by one of the most successful fantasy authors of recent times — Pullman even mentions the fact that Lindsay wrote novels other than Arcturus! — though it's a pity it has to be part of a general trashing of all fantasy fiction because some of it is bad. (As always, genre fiction is assumed synonymous with its worst, literary fiction with its best works. He dismisses Tolkien, too.) Pullman also discusses his own works, including why the film of The Golden Compass is unlikely to be followed by any adaptations of the other two books in the His Dark Materials trilogy.

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